CUCUMBER BENEFITS: 6 Surprising Health Benefits Of Eating Cucumber


List of 6 Cucumber Benefits That Prove It Is Worthy To Be Included in Your Diet

CUCUMBER BENEFITS – Here is a list of the six(6) surprising health advantages that we can get from eating cucumber.

Undeniably, when it comes to foods that can help keep our bodies healthy, fruits and vegetables still top the list. However, not all of them are known for their amazing effects just like the cucumber.

Often times, this vegetable is just known for its use in calming the eyes during some relaxation moment. Do you know that it can actually do more and its advantages could even extend to lowering the risk of serious diseases?

Cucumber Benefits
Photo Courtesy of USDA

Based on an article on Mercola, here is a list of the six(6) surprising cucumber benefits that we can get from eating this vegetable:

1. Lowers the risk of cancer

According to the article, the cucumber contains lignans, a kind of polyphenols that helps reduce the risk of several types of cancer affecting the different parts of the body including the ovary.

2. Boosts brain health

Cucumber also contains fisetin, an anti-inflammatory flavonol that is essential in the brain health. It can help boost not only the brain health but as well as the memory.

3. Helps in stress management

B Vitamins are known for its capacity to fight the feelings of anxiety and stress. This vegetable contains Vitamins B1, B5, and B7.

4. Aids in heart health

Another excellent content of cucumber is potassium. It helps lower the blood pressure in the body thus promoting a healthy heart as well.

5. Freshens the breath

Based on the article, one of the cucumber benefits that is not widely known is the ability of the vegetable to freshen the breath. It can help get rid of the bacteria in the mouth and as well as the excess heat in the stomach.

6. Supports digestive health

The fiber content of cucumber makes it an excellent food in achieving healthy digestion. According to the article, eating this vegetable is one excellent way to meet the fiber needs of the body.

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