DEPRESSION SYMPTOMS – 10 Warning Signs That A Person Is Depressed Inside


Guide on 10 Depression Symptoms / Warning Signs That Must Not Be Taken for Granted

DEPRESSION SYMPTOMS – Here is a guide on the ten(10) warning signs showing that a person is silently depressed.

Undeniably, a lot of people are victims of depression nowadays. It can be because of the status in life, broken relationships, pressures from peers, school, or work, or simply not being satisfied with how life goes. It can be caused by a lot of factors that even the person may not be able to distinguish.

Sadly, a lot of people have lost their lives to depression even before their loved ones knew about what they were going through. Some can’t take it anymore and not everyone considered talking to the people around them about it. Most depressed individuals keep their struggles to themselves.

One best way to stop the increasing number of lives lost because of this emotional condition is to know about the common depression symptoms. By knowing it, we can distinguish easily if a loved one of ours is depressed and needs a backbone in what he or she is going through.

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Based on an article on Help Guide, here is a list of the ten(10) common depression symptoms shown by a depressed person:

  • Changes in sleep. It could either be oversleeping or insomnia and waking up very early in the morning.
  • Feeling helpless and hopeless. The person thinks there is nothing he or she can do to improve the situation.
  • Troubled concentration. A person struggles in maintaining focus, remembering things, and making decisions.
  • Appetite changes. There is a significant weight gain or loss.
  • Reckless behavior. The person engages in vices or other reckless activities that can harm him or her.
  • Loss of interest on daily activities. The previous hobbies and social activities no longer brings him or her joy and excitement.
  • Energy loss. The person always feels tired and heavy.
  • Irritability. The person easily gets mad even on little things and has very low tolerance.
  • Self-loathing. There is a persistent feeling of guilt and worthlessness.
  • Body pains. There are unexplained body aches or pains like back pain, headache, stomach pain, etc.

Based on the article, depressed men mostly possess hopelessness and self-loathing while women tend to embrace the feeling of guilt. Women often commits to oversleeping and overeating resulting to weight gain.

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