BEST NAP TIME – How Long Is the Best Nap Time & What Are Its Benefits


Guide on How Long is the Best Nap Time & What Are the Benefits You Can Get

BEST NAP TIME – Here is a guide on how long is the best napping time during the day and the benefits that you can get for doing it right.

Most people consider taking a nap during the day. It usually happens between classes for students and between the working hours for adults. It is like a booster when the energy seems to drop but the day has yet to come to an end so it is called “power nap”.

However, truths be told that not everyone is doing napping right. Some have it extended which often results to feeling more tired and groggy than before a person took a nap. How long is actually the best nap time and are there benefits that you can get from it?

Nap Time
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Based on an article on Healthline, the best nap time is from ten(10) to twenty(20) minutes only. It paves the way for the first and second stages of sleep to occur but taking it longer than twenty(20) minutes can make you miss its benefits.

The benefits of getting your napping right is on mental and emotional aspects. Here is a list of the advantages of doing it right:

Enhanced Learning

According to the article, napping can help enhance your learning skills and as well as your focus and memory. It can result to better learning and retention of an information learned.

Better Mood

Power nap also helps improve the mood by boosting the energy levels. Based on the article, it is also linked to higher tolerance for frustration and increased positivity.

Reduces blood pressure

A research at the 2019 American College of Cardiology’s Annual Scientific Session backs that napping can help lower the blood pressure of a person. It is found to be more effective than cutting salt consumption and drinking.

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