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Monday, September 21, 2020

Become a Music Addict – Signs that You’re Addicting to Music

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If you are a music addict, then music has now become a part of your everyday life. Long live!

Become a music addict is normal. There’s nothing wrong with having an obsession with music. Do you consider yourself having this kind of addiction?

music addict
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Everyone loves music, but you, having this kind of addiction, take it to such an extreme that some people don’t quite understand. Here are some signs that may lead you to become a music addict.

You have a song or a playlist for every single mood

In any situation, you already have made sets of playlists in order for you to get along with. It’s good that even music can connect with your emotions.

You have more music than pictures and others on your phone

You may prefer to listen to your favorite tracks than just taking photos or record videos.

You already know all the songs before it airs on the radio

You may realize that your favorite track is not everybody’s favorite — unless it has a music video and became popular.

You can listen to the same song without an end for a week

Once you have a thing called “Last Song Syndrome”, it happens. Even only a single track, when listened all week long, it makes you feel comfortable and you can memorize the lyrics or the melodies of the track.

When a show announcement is the only thing that can cheer you up

While you’re browsing on the web and you saw an announcement that there are music events near you, that could be the best feeling you can feel about (but if you can’t afford to buy tickets, then you need to stay there and continue browsing).

When you meet a good friend that loves your music taste just as much as you do

If you found someone who has the same music taste as you, you’re lucky enough. Based on observations, those who are addicted to music are mostly good-looking gentlemen and beautiful ladies. Consider yourself as one of them!

When someone asks to turn the music down

There are times that you’re currently listening to a certain song with louder volumes and someone wants to turn it off. You may become disappointed as you turn it off at the middle of the chorus.

When someone wants to talk new music releases

It may sound weird but it really happens. It’s when you already have an idea of recent and future releases before they start searching for it. You tend to spoil them about latest music release, upcoming music release with its release dates, and even canceled music releases with certain reasons.

When you see an artist live from your bucket list

If you see your favorite artists in concerts you’re attending to, you’re lucky enough.

Your favorite website is Spotify and Youtube

Spotify and Youtube are one of all music streaming sites on the web. You just can’t live without these two (or even only one of them).

Thank you for visiting our website. We hope we have helped you with regards to this matter. You may keep coming back for more informative guides.

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