DYSMENORRHEA – How To Avoid & Manage the Pain It Brings To Women

Guide on How To Avoid & Manage the Pain Brought by Dysmenorrhea

DYSMENORRHEA – Here is a guide on how to avoid and manage the pain it brings a women whenever she has her monthly period.

One of the things that women have to face most of the time starting their teenage years is monthly period. It usually lasts between three(3) to five(5) days but it can go beyond it depending on the cycle of a woman. Undeniably, it is a moment of discomfort most of the time.

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A woman has to monitor her back most of the time, she doesn’t feel like moving, and she can get intense mood swings and become very irritable. Even women can hardly explain what they feel when they have their monthly period. Most want it to last shorter than five(5) days.

Aside from the aforementioned discomfort that women experience when they have their monthly period, there are those who are also dealing with dysmenorrhea during their cycle. It brings pain to women that they only want to lay in bed all day.

Based on an article on Cleveland Clinic, there are ways on how to avoid and manage the pain brought by dysmenorrhea. Here is a list of what women should do:

  • Place a heating pad on your abdomen or lower back or prepare a water bottle, put some warm water on it and place it in your lower back or abdomen
  • Take a rest
  • Massage your lower back and abdomen
  • Avoid the unhealthy habits like drinking
  • Avoid food that contain caffeine
  • Take a pain reliever

Based on the article, aside from the aforementioned tips, there is another way to avoid and manage the pain brought by dysmenorrhea to a woman. It is through a exercise. Making it a part of your daily routine can really help a lot in preventing the intense pain when your next cycle comes.

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