LOOK: Josh Aquino’s Transformation From Chunky To Hunky

This is the transformation of Josh Aquino from being chunky to hunky after his intensive fitness training with trainer Bok Santos.

Josh Aquino, the eldest son of Queen of all Media Kris Aquino can now be considered as a #fitspiration.

From being chunky, Josh was able to trim down his excess weight to be hunky. His transformation is so remarkable that everyone can notice how his body size changed.

Josh Aquino
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Based on the article published in Manila Flash, the eldest son of Kris is a proof that when someone has discipline and correct guidance from a dedicated mentor, fitness goals can really be achieved.

In his growing up stage, people have seen Josh Aquino as overweight and everyone remembers him that way.

The situation turned upside down when the son of Kris with award-winning actor Philip Salvador decided to work out.

With his perseverance to get fitter, Josh is now officially considered as a hunk. This is a great transformation in him.
Josh Aquino
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Back in 2013, famous professional fitness trainer Bok Santos, who also trains several popular stars in the Philippines such as Kathryn Bernardo, Liza Soberano, Enrique Gil, Anthony Semerad, Richard Gutierrez, JC De Vera, and Erich Gonzales, helped Josh in his fitness journey.
With his fitness routine and strict diet, the young man had lost over 100 pounds.

Josh Aquino was able to maintain his fit body through his discipline in food intake, reducing sweets in his diet.

His fitness trainer also has a great role in his exercise regimen which is strictly implemented.

Achieving the weight that he has now wouldn’t be possible for Josh without the help of his supportive family. Of course, his number 1 supporter is her mom Kris Aquino, based on the source.

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