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LEUKEMIA – List of Factors That Increases Risk of Acquiring Leukemia

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Guide on the Factors That Increases A Person’s Risk to Leukemia

LEUKEMIA – Aside from family history, here is a list of the other factors that increases the risk of getting this very serious health condition.

There are a lot of health conditions that do not exempt anyone regardless of age and gender. That is why it is really important to be extra careful on our lifestyle including our habits and the food we eat often. Staying healthy may require a lot but it is surely worth every effort.

With regards to health conditions, one of the most serious one that is hard to treat is Leukemia. It is also referred as a type of cancer. It happens when there is a damage in the DNA of the immature blood cells most especially the white blood cells.

Unfortunately, this very serious health condition is often diagnosed at a later stage already. Truths be told that late diagnosis may be equal to a lower chance of treatment and recovery of the patient.

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With regards to the causes of Leukemia, the one that is widely-identified is family history. However, there are also other factors that increases the risk of getting the said health condition. Based on an article on Medical News Today, here is a list of the other factors:

  • hair dyes
  • unhealthy habits
  • artificial ionizing radiation
  • benzene and some petrochemicals
  • viruses (like the human T-lymphotropic virus / HTVL-1)
  • genetic predisposition
  • down syndrome

Based on the article, some people are more prone to the said serious health condition because the fault in one or several genes. Those individuals with down syndrome may also be more at risk for it due to the chromosomal changes.

Do you want to know the symptoms of this health condition? You may visit – LEUKEMIA SYMPTOMS.

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