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RAINY SEASON FILIPINO FOOD – 5 Pinoy Food That Are Perfect For Rainy Season

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What are the best rainy season Filipino food?

RAINY SEASON FILIPINO FOOD – Here is a list of five(5) Pinoy food that are perfect to eat most especially during the cold weather.

The summer season in the Philippines is almost over and the rainy season is about to replace it. Usually, beginning June, most days are rainy so people who are off to work or school really prepare for it.

Parents would usually secure the umbrellas and raincoats of their children for their kids’ protection. Also, parents would usually prepare food that best suit the cold weather.

In the Philippines, there are these rainy season Filipino food that are a favorite of many people not only the children.

Rainy Season Filipino Food

Based on an article on Food Finds Asia, here is a list of five(5) delicious rainy season Filipino food that you may prepare for your loved ones during the cold weather:

1. Arrozcaldo

Arrozcaldo is a rice porridge with the taste of chicken. Some use chicken meat while others use chicken broth in cooking it. It is perfect for breakfast and snacks in the afternoon.

Photo Courtesy of Havenhill Cuisine

2. Champorado

Champorado is also a rice porridge mixed with chocolate flavor – that is why most kids like this food for breakfast. For the adults, it is best eaten with dried fish.

Photo Courtesy of Aussie Taste

3. Tinolang Manok

Whether for breakfast, lunch, or dinner, the Tinolang Manok is a perfect food to be paired with rice in a cold weather. This viand may also contain papaya and malunggay leaves which promote health.

Tinolang Manok
Photo Courtesy of Foxy Folksy

4. Bulalo

One of the best rainy season Filipino food for adults is Bulalo. Based on the article, it is made of beef shank with the bone containing the marrow. The marrow is undeniably a favorite of many people. However, you must also be careful in eating this food as it can spike your cholesterol level.

Photo Courtesy of Yjmmy

5. Batchoy

Another food that is best eaten in a cold weather is Batchoy. It is a noodle soup with crushed pork cracklings, chicken, and herbs. The best batchoy is in Iloilo. It can be best paired with bread.

Rainy Season Filipino Food
Photo Courtesy of Feature Iloilo


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