Quick And Easy Homemade Strawberry Jam Recipe


How to make strawberry jam at home?

Here are the quick and easy steps for a homemade strawberry jam that you and your loved ones can enjoy.

The jam made out strawberries is just one of the fruit preserves in a wide variety of choices.

strawberry jam recipe
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For those who love strawberries, you can enjoy your favorite with an additional flavor. Strawberry jam can bring your bread to the next level or you can just enjoy the jam alone.

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Here are the ingredients you need to prepare for this jam.

  • 2 quarts strawberries, washed and stemmed
  • 1 package (1-3/4 ounces) powdered fruit pectin
  • 6-3/4 cups sugar
strawberry jam recipe
Photo source: The Spruce Eats

Making this jam only has two major simple steps. Just follow these directions:

  • Crush the strawberries and measure 4-1/2 cups berries into a large saucepan. Then, stir in pectin and bring to a rolling boil over high heat, stirring frequently. After this, add sugar and return to a rolling boil. Boil for 1 minute while stirring constantly.
  • Remove from heat and skim off foam. Then, carefully ladle hot mixture into hot half-pint jars, leaving 1/4-in. headspace. Remove air bubbles; wipe rims and adjust lids. Process for 10 minutes in a boiling-water canner.

Based on Taste of Home, the strawberry jam has this nutritional facts.

For 2 tablespoons:
104 calories
0 fat (0 saturated fat)
0 cholesterol
0 sodium
27g carbohydrate (25g sugars, 0 fiber)
0 protein

Enjoy your homemade jam!

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