Tips For Better Barbecue From BBQ Master

Here are must-know tips for better barbecue

Tips For Better Barbecue – A BBQ Master shared these tips in order to have a mouthwatering barbecue that is worth your time and money.

Myron Mixon, with 1800 trophies in his cooking career, shared these valuable pieces of information to create a barbecue that deserves a chef’s kiss, based on the article in Mental Floss.

The first step is to do research before barbecuing. Mixon shared that he has a lot of trial and error moments which became his guide. This is the reason why he is stressing the importance of research. “Read cookbooks, take classes, search the Internet, watch shows. It will make you a better pitmaster,” he said.

tips for better barbecue
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The next thing to be considered is the preparation. Mixon said that after researching, preparing is the next important thing. He mentioned that a great preparation also results in a great barbecue. This involves the process of selecting the cut and quality of your meat, how you cut up that meat, the seasoning, and marinades.

When the barbecuing starts, be sure to use a meat thermometer. “The best cooks use an internal meat thermometer to make sure the product is cooked perfectly,” he said. This is to avoid overcooking or undercooking.


Aside from the given factor of choosing the right meat, it is also a must to choose the right sauce. He reminded people that in barbecuing be sure to avoid overpowering sauces.

Mixon also encouraged people to experiment. He said that you should not be afraid to try new flavors. However, when it comes to side dishes, he said that it is better to make them simple. The BBQ Master also said that you should remember that you’re the boss of your barbecue.Always cook and flavor the barbecue the way you, the pitmaster, like it. Your grill, your yard, your way,” he said.

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