CHEAP INTERNATIONAL FLIGHTS: 10 Countries With Affordable Flights


List of 10 Countries with Cheap International Flights

CHEAP INTERNATIONAL FLIGHTS – Here is a list of ten(10) countries with affordable international flights.

Undeniably, one of the healthy things to do once in a while is to travel. In this way, the mind will have the chance to see new things, new places, and new realities.

You may go for a domestic travel or an international one. If you wish to experience a different culture and connect with people from different races, you may book a flight and fly abroad for a vacation.

Taking an international travel may require a bigger amount of money compared to having a domestic travel. But then, there are also cheap international flights that you can go for.

Cheap International Flights
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Based on an article on Telegraph, there are at least ten(10) countries with cheap international flights. Their tickets are pocket-friendly and you can start visiting them one-by-one.

Here is a list of the ten(10) countries with cheap international flights and the fare cost in every specified distance:

  1. China – £0.94 per 100km
  2. Romania – £1.30 per 100km
  3. Malaysia – £1.63 per 100km
  4. Tunisia – £2.15 per 100km
  5. Portugal – £2.16 per 100km
  6. Bulgaria – £2.16 per 100km
  7. Sweden – £2.17 per 100km
  8. Azerbaijan – £2.25 per 100km
  9. Greece – £2.38 per 100km
  10. Russia – £2.46 per 100km

Based on the article, in the ranking of countries with cheap international flights, the United States ranked 17 while the United Kingdom landed on the 32nd spot. Meanwhile, the latter is among those offering cheap domestic flights.

Have you chosen which country with an affordable international flight will you visit first? You can have them all on your bucket list. May you have a joyful and memorable vacation whichever you choose to visit.

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