This Is Not A Roller Coaster – – – This Is Actually A Bridge In Japan.

Eshima Ohashi Bridge, Japan

Eshima Ohashi Bridge, Japan – As years go by, technology is not just bit by bit growing, but it grows bolder and wider every day. Technological innovations and engineering are now going beyond the boundary of imagination as it develops many stuck plans of the past. Nowadays, engineering is now at its peak of developing facilities that could help improve human lives.

One country that is famous for its technological innovation, engineering and development are Japan. When talking about this country, all you can conclude is that the country is left and right advance. Every corner, especially in the central business of the country, everything is hi-tech.

And yes, nowadays, you can really say that civil engineering technology and skills are now going beyond even in the most fervid imagination of the cleverest thinker, as in the case of Eshima Ohashi Bridge that can be found in Japan.

This colossal bridge which is 144-foot-tall was made without bracing or protruding structures, imagine that. But this was not enough to avoid making it look more like a gigantic rollercoaster than a typical bridge highway.


In any case, the slope that can be seen in the featured video below of the incline viewed from some angles is nothing but incredible! Yet, in reality, the bridge features grades no more abrupt than 6.1 percent.

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Consequently, this video was captured using a long lens that has exaggerated the incline of the bridge making it more dramatic than it is in reality! Watch the video below.

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