Flight Attendants Advise Passengers Not To Wear These Things On Plane

These are the things you should not wear on a plane, according to flight attendants

Flight attendants are advising passengers not to wear these things on an airplane.

Some people really have a certain love for traveling while some really take the opportunity to visit different places around the world.

Flight Attendants
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For travelers, especially for the first-timers and those who seldom travels, here are the things that you should not wear on a plane, based on Reader’s Digest’s article.

Jewelry and bulky accessories

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Jewelries can slow you down at security. A jewelry that is shaped like a weapon can also cause an alarm to security personnel.

Tight clothes

Flight Attendants
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Flight attendants do not advise travelers to wear tight or fitted clothes. It is because the body swell naturally when flying. Tight clothes can be uncomfortable while having your flight.

Uncomfortable undergarment

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“A bra that digs into your shoulders and chest will only become more constraining in the air,” RD stated. The most advisable undergarment to wear is a seamless sports bra that has no wires or hooks.

Skimpy clothes

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Wearing skimpy clothes can be offensive in certain countries and cultures. This is aside from the fact that you might find yourself freezing in the air-conditioned plane cabin.


Flight Attendants
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Your perfume can be a torture to other passengers who have allergies or asthma, especially, in a shared air environment.

Avoid wearing high heels, flip flops, and slides

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“High heels can slow you down and even puncture the slide in case of an evacuation,” Taylor Garland, strategic public relations coordinator for the Association of Flight Attendants shared.

Don’t wear clothes with fabrics that don’t breathe

Flight Attendants
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Avoid extremely flammable synthetic fibers like polyester and nylon as the National Transportation Safety Board reports that 68 percent of plane crash fatalities occur in post-crash fires. These kind of fabrics also do not allow air to circulate.

Bulky jackets

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Bulky jackets are cumbersome and can make the economy class feel claustrophobic. It will be difficult for you also to squeeze it on your carryon.

Be sure to take the advice from flight attendants.

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