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Tried & Tested Grilling Tips From Professional Chefs

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These are the grilling tips from professional chefs

Professional chefs shared their tried and tested grilling tips in order for you to achieve a delicious grilled meal.

Here are the grilling tips, based of Reader’s Digest’s article:

Preheat the grill
You should do this because with the proper temperature, it will take lesser time to cook and your food will not dry out, according to Kevin Kolman, head grill master for Weber.

grilling tips
Photo courtesy of Your Custom Kitchen

Let meat come close to room temperature
“Ice cold meat will cook less evenly,” Richard Blais, chef, cookbook author, and frequent Top Chef contender shared.

Put salt twice
You should put salt twice: once before you cook (helps season the meat) and once after you’re done.

Brine lean meats
“Pork chops, chicken, and lean cuts of beef need brining before hitting the grill because they lack the fattiness to withstand a long time on a hot surface without drying out,”chef Isaac Toups, owner of Toups Meatery and author of Chasing the Gator – Isaac Toups & the New Cajun Cooking. This process is basically a salt water soak.

grilling tips
Photo courtesy of The Washington Post

Let it marinate
According to chef Joe Vigorito of L’Artusi, “Marinating meat helps to reduce heterocyclic amines”. HCAs are the cancer-causing chemicals generated when food is cooked at high temperatures. In addition, marinades, especially ones with herbs like rosemary, sage, and thyme, inhibit the formation of those carcinogens.

Put the sauce later
Wait until you’re just about ready to take your food off the grill, then finish with a little brush of sauce, butter, or vinaigrette. According to Blais, sauces tend to have lots of sugar, which will caramelize or burn if you put them earlier.

Experiment with fruits and veggies
Laura Licona, executive chef at Fairway Market, said that fruits and vegetables will react beautifully to both marinades and grilling techniques.

Let your meat rest
Allow the meat to rest for approximately three to four minutes before slicing and serving.”The larger the piece of meat, the more it will cook during resting,” Blumenthal shared.

Clean the grill
“A clean grill ensures the steak won’t stick,” according to chef Frank Proto, director of culinary operations for the Institute of Culinary Education.

Enjoy these grilling tips for a delicious meal!

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