Russia And China Eyed By Duterte Administration For Boosting Trade


Duterte Administration Eyes Russia And China For Boosting Trade

Russia and China eyed by Duterte administration for boosting trade regarding Rodrigo’s tirade against the United States of America.

Duterte administration eyes Russia and China for boosting the trade of the country. Russia has been a large market of the Philippines, which have a total population of 150 million. According to an economist, exporting tropical fruits such as banana, mango, durian, and other products.

Among businessmen, distance could be an issue because Russia is facing challenges on increasing integration with Asia, according to Roehl Briones. He also said that Russia is now focusing on its population and its economy density is much lower in Asian side.

Duterte Administration

In January to November 2015 the value of Philippine exports to Russia is $42.68-M while the import of Russia to Philippine is $313.67-M that has a total deficit of $270.99-M. The items that were exported to Russia were seaweeds, coconuts, and air-conditioning machine parts.

Duterte Administration

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