Comedian Kuhol Arrested For He Allegedly Abused His Goddaughter


Kuhol was arrested due to the case filed against him as he allegedly abused his goddaughter.

Comedian Kuhol or Philip Supnet in real life was arrested after receiving molestation complaint.

He allegedly molested his goddaughter who is still a minor.

Based on the article published in GMA News, which source was a report from dzBB Super Radyo on morning of Saturday, Quezon City Police District director Guillermo Eleazar visited the comedian in his detention cell in QCPD Station 5.


The comedian was being complained for abusing the daughter of his friend who also looks up to him as a godfather.

The said child was only 10 years old.

According to the source, the molestation happened at about 8 o’clock in the evening of April 12. It took place in North Fairview.

Police reports stated that the child went to the store of her “Ninong” Kuhol to buy pre-paid load.

On his part, the comedian explained that his goddaughter asked P10 from him but when she asked additional P10 to make it P20, he went out of the store to give it to her and kissed her.

Kuhol also said that his initial intention is to kiss her on the cheek but it landed on the lips of the minor.

After that, it was said that the child was shocked on what happened and immediately told her father about it.

The child’s family has already asked assistance from the barangay officials to bring up the matter to the police and they are decided to file a case against Kuhol.

He was charged with Child Abuse by the Women and Children’s Protection Desk.

Wala ang biktima sa presinto maging sinumang kinaatawan ng kanyang pamilya.

Guillermo said that the case is baiable but once he is proven guilty, he will be imprisoned, based on the article.


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