Aiza Seguerra Reacts To His Alleged Corruption As Former NYC Chair


This is the reaction of Aiza Seguerra on the allegation that he committed corruption in National Youth Commission as its former chairman.

Former National Youth Commission chairperson  and singer Aiza Seguerra is being alleged of committing corruption in the agency.

Previously, the Commission on Audit released a report showing that NYC spent more than P200, 000 just for the snack during meetings which some were unofficial.

Based on a previous article, the payment cash voucher for these unofficial meetings has no sign of notice of meeting or office orders.

Aiza Seguerra
(Pilipino Star Ngayon)

The corruption allegation against the singer was slammed by his wife Film Development Council of the Philippines head Liza Diño. She even called out to Rappler for maliciously reporting the issue without asking the side of her husband.

Liza mentioned in a previous article that NYC has already reconciled with COA regarding the needed documents.

Now, Aiza himself broke his silence regarding the said issue of his alleged corruption.

According to the report published in Pilipino Star Ngayon, the singer said that it was unfair that only the side of COA was reported.

“Lahat naman na agencies, it’s COA’s job to audit. Kulang lang yung inilabas na balita kasi na-reconcile namin lahat na questions ng COA eh. Sana lang yung naglabas ng balita, inilabas din nila yung side ng NYC. Medyo naano lang ako dun na parang inilabas nila yung kabilang side, ang sa amin hindi nila inilabas,” he said.

The former NYC chair also said that before he finally resigned everything was already fixed last December.

Aiza Seguerra
(file photo)

According to him, they had an exit conference and they had no disallowances.

He iterated that the views of both sides should have been presented to the public, based on the source.

Meanwhile, now that he is now more focused on his singing career, everything is going smoothly.

He is now in charged of Sine Kabataan as a part of FDCP’s Pista ng Pelikulang Pilipino headed by his wife.


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