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Wednesday, December 2, 2020

SSS SALARY LOAN: How To Apply For Salary Loan To SSS

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Steps on How To Apply for SSS Salary Loan

SSS SALARY LOAN – Here are some steps on how to apply for a salary loan to the Social Security System.

Through the Republic Act No. 8282 in 1997, the Social Security System or more commonly known as SSS was established. It is an insurance program that is governed by the state.

Most employees who are working in private companies and establishments are insured under the SSS. Some members are also non-working individuals who applied for SSS membership.

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If you are a member of the SSS, there are actually a lot of perks and privileges. You will have to pay a low monthly contribution but upon reaching 60 years old with at least 120 monthly contributions, you will be entitled to a monthly pension.

Another benefit offered by the state-run insurance program is the SSS Salary Loan. Members of the program who are qualified for the said loan may borrow money for their personal purposes.

According to SSS, a member who has paid at least 36 monthly contributions with six(6) of it within the last twelve months may be entitled to a one-month loan.

If a member has 72 monthly contributions with six(6) of it posted in the last 12 months, he or she is entitled to a two-month loan.

The following are the other qualifications to the SSS Salary Loan:

  • The employer of the member-borrower must be update in terms of contributions
  • The member should have not availed any final benefit like retirement and total permanent disability
  • The member who want to borrow money must be younger than 65 years old when he or she applied for SSS membership
  • The member-borrower should not have committed fraud against SSS and has been disqualified
SSS Salary Loan

How to apply for an SSS Salary Loan?

If you wish to personally process your salary loan application, you may follow these steps:

Step 1: Visit the nearest SSS branch and ask for a copy of the Member Loan Application. You may also download it from the website of the SSS.

Step 2: Fill-up the Member Loan Application Form with factual and accurate information.

Step 3: Prepare the requirements including your SSS ID and at least two Philippine valid IDs.
For the full list of requirements, visit: SSS Loan Requirements

Step 4: Bring your duly-filled up Member Loan Application Form together with your requirements to the nearest SSS branch where you plan to apply for a loan.

If you have a My.SSS account and you wish to apply for an SSS Salary Loan online, you may follow these steps according to Moneymax:

Step 1: Log in to SSS Online or your My.SSS account at the official website of the SSS – https://www.sss.gov.ph/

Step 2: Look for the E-services and click it. Choose “Apply for Salary Loan”.

Step 3: Choose the amount you wish to borrow from the SSS. The displayed amounts are the ones that you can borrow based on your contribution according to the article.

Step 4: Provide your mailing address and postal code where you want the check to be sent to re-confirm your application.

Step 5: Inform your employer or the HR of the company you’re working at regarding your loan application. A message from the SSS will be sent to their My.SSS account regarding your application. It needs approval from your company or employer.

Based on the article, in case your loan application is approved, your check will be sent to the mailing address that you have provided together with a stub that you must present to the HR of the company you’re working at.

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