ACTIVATE UMID CARD: How To Activate Your UMID Card


Guide On How To Activate UMID Card

ACTIVATE UMID CARD – Here is a guide on the activation of the Unified Multi-Purpose (UMID) card.

Nowadays, one of the best valid identification cards that you can obtain is the Unified Multi-Purpose Identification Card or more commonly called as UMID Card. It is accepted in the several government agencies in the country.

The said identification card can be applied for either in the Social Security System (SSS) or the Government Service Insurance System (GSIS). It would depend on which insurance institution the applicant is a member of.

In the cases of individuals who are members of both the SSS and the GSIS, it will depend on the nature of his or her current employment.

Activate UMID CARD

With regards to the requirements in applying for the UMID Card, the lists may vary depending on the insurance institution. For the full list, visit – UMID Card Requirements.

For the process in applying, you may visit any of the links below depending on which insurance institution you are a member of:

For successful applications for UMID Card to SSS or GSIS, you card will be delivered to you within thirty(30) days since you made your application.

After receiving your UMID card, you will have to activate it. For SSS members, simply visit the nearest SSS office to you for its activation.

For GSIS members, head to the nearest GSIS branch with [email protected] Kiosk. Place your card on the eCard reader and your fingerprint on the biometric scanner.

You card will be deactivated within 72 hours since the you have validated your fingerprints. You will be sent a confirmation message notifying you of the activation of your card.

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