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Sunday, April 11, 2021

HOME CREDIT LOAN FEES – Guide on Fees & Charges Under Home Credit Loan

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Guide on Home Credit Loan Fees & Charges Borrowers Must Pay For

HOME CREDIT LOAN FEES – Here is a guide on the charges under a product loan offer of Home Credit Philippines.

In the Philippines, one of the lending companies that became the turn-tos of many people now is Home Credit Philippines. It got excellent loans that can aid the consumers in buying a product or even in obtaining cash for certain purposes.

With regards to buying a certain product and letting the company pay for it, you may have your target gadget, appliance, or furniture. You can bring it home and pay for it in monthly installments to Home Credit.

Are you planning to apply for the said loan offer? In this article, we will present some details regarding it.

Home Credit Loan Fees

Based on the official website of Home Credit Philippines, under the said loan offer that can get you your target gadget, appliance, or furniture, the borrower must be between 18 years old to 68 years old. Also, two(2) valid IDs must be prepared.

Under this loan offer, you must also prepare an amount for the downpayment. Usually, it is 30% of the selling price of the product. You may pay for the loan in nine(9), twelve(12), or twenty-four(24) months.

Are there Home Credit loan fees that borrowers must pay for?

According to the company, the Home Credit loan fees include the processing fee. It is equivalent to 3% of the financed amount under the loan. You may also have to pay for the insurance.

Do you plan to apply for a loan to get your target gadget, appliance, or furniture? For a guide on the application process, you may visit – HOME CREDIT LOAN – How To Apply For Loan To Buy Gadget / Appliance.

Thank you for visiting our website. We hope we have helped you with regards to this matter. You may keep coming back for more informative guides.

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