YouTube Promises Improvements In 2019 Rewind


YouTube posted a meme on social media that promises for improvements in the upcoming 2019 Rewind despite having disappointments from the previous one.

YouTube promises
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In a Twitter post, YouTube promises that the upcoming rewind as “Something different. For real.” as seen on its meme. The said post captioned as “#RewindIsComing

YouTube continually posted some clues about the upcoming 2019 Rewind. Here are some of YouTube’s post:

YouTube made its point clear based on its teasers posted on its Twitter account. YouTube made sure that the upcoming rewind video may satisfy the community.

YouTube Rewind is an annual way to highlight the platform’s content creators, music, and video trends from January to December of a certain year.

The 2018 YouTube Rewind was recorded as the most hated video on YouTube as it has over 17 million dislikes as of this writing. The said video dethroned Justin Bieber’s “Baby” as the most hated video.

Also in 2018, Pewdiepie made his own version of 2018 Rewind, which has lesser dislikes than the original one as his version has 97,000 dislikes as of this writing.

What would be your expectations for the upcoming 2019 YouTube Rewind? Let us know in the comments!

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