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Friday, October 2, 2020

2013 Arrest Led To Blast In Beirut Says Investigator, Shows Evidence

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2013 Arrest Led To Massive Blast In Beirut According To Online Investigator

2013 ARREST LED TO BLAST – On September 13, 2013, a vessel was apprehended carrying 2,750 tons of Ammonium Nitrate.

This ship was forced After the crew was repatriated back to their country, the vessel was abandoned in Beirut Port. Furthermore, charterers and cargo concerns lost interest in the items brought aboard the ship.

According to an online investigator, this may be the reason for the massive blast that shocked Beirut and nearby islands. Here are the evidence presented by Aurora Intel on Twitter:

Following the arrest of M/V Rhosus in 2013, authorities discharged the cargo (ammonium nitrate) onto the Beirut Port’s warehouse. Since then, the cargo remained in the port’s warehouse for auctioning or proper disposal.

2013 Arrest Led To Blast In Beirut Says Investigator, Shows Evidence

Meanwhile, according to a report from Philnews, authorities from Beirut claimed the blast was also due to ammonium nitrate stored in a warehouse. However, netizen Hachem Yassine noted that the report said Beirut only kept the chemical substance for two years.

But, local reports said that the ammonium nitrate had been stored there for six years.

Here are the photos that show the similarities in the warehouse in the 2013 report and the warehouse that caused the blast in Beirut. Both the windows and the ceiling matched as seen in the photos:

Image from: Aurora Intel Twitter

According to authorities from Beirut, those who were responsible for the blast would face “maximum penalties”. But, as investigations conducted by officials continue, only time would tell the results.

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