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Wednesday, October 21, 2020

Pope John Paul II’s Blood Stolen From Italy Says Bishop

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Pope John Paul II’s Blood Stolen From Italian Church

POPE JOHN PAUL II’S BLOOD – A thief has stolen a gold and crystal relic holding the drops of Saint Pope John Paul II’s blood.

The casing containing the blood was known as a reliquary. According to the church’s Bishop, the relic was snatched on Wednesday from an altar paying homage to the Pope.

Meanwhile, based on an article from ABS-CBN, a sacristan who was closing up the cathedral found the thief who stole the reliquary. Inside it was a vial holding a few drops of the Pope’s blood.

Pope John Paul II's Blood Stolen From Italy Says Bishop
Image from: Daily Mail

Furthermore, the relic was placed in Spoleto cathedral temporarily and was supposed to be moved in the next month to a brand new church in Umbria. Additionally, the church was named after the late Pope who died in 2005.

As per the article, Archbishop Renato Boccardo left a message for the thief: “Give the reliquary back to the cathedral and the faithful…

Still, the Archbishop said the motive for the theft was unclear. He cited that he doesn’t know whether he would use the reliquary for ransom which has happened in the past with other religious relics.

For now, Police are reviewing footage of security cameras inside and outside of the church.

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