Thursday, March 23, 2023

ABS-CBN Reveals Truth Behind Non-Renewal Issue

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Read the full statement of ABS-CBN regarding non-renewal issue.

Network giant ABS-CBN Broadcasting corporation has issued a statement regarding the non-renewal issue of the company.

The statement came after the Inquirer reported that the country’s largest radio-TV network is in a bind after failing to renew its legislative franchise before the 16th congress adjourned on June 30.

The article cited that ABS-CBN will be having difficulties in getting a new 25-year franchise from the 17th congress since most of the officials are in favor of president-elect Rodrigo Duterte.

The report added that Duterte and his supporters are “unhappy” about the network’s reports during the campaign.

In the statement published on Instagram, it says that the corporation’s franchise to operate will expire in 2020.

ABS-CBN said that the claims that the franchise will not be renewed are “purely speculative.”

According to the broadcasting firm, they opted to renew the franchise earlier in September 2014. However, they withdraw the application due to time constraints.

They later decided to seek for the renewal of franchise in the incoming 17th congress.

“ABS-CBN opted for an early renewal application in September 2014 and went through the normal legislative process. But due to time constraints, ABS-CBN later decided to withdraw the application with the intent of seeking renewal in the 17th Congress,” the statement reads.

Furthermore, the statement added that the company believes that the government will uphold the ideals of democracy, especially the right to freedom of speech and expression.


  1. So they are using the phrase “freedom of speech” again & again! Let use my freedom of speech as well by saying “FUCK YOU ABS-CBN” by taking side of a political party wich gave you too much favors! You are a media entity, which means no bias at all! I said, NO MORE OF YOU FUCKING AROUND! How is that?


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