Thursday, March 23, 2023

Netizens Slams SWS Survey of Pres. Duterte’s Trust Ratings

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Netizens and supporters of the incoming President Rody Duterte slams the latest results of a survey conducted by the Social Weather Station (SWS) showing the recent Trust Ratings of President Duterte and Vice President Leni Robredo.

leni robredo open t oserve in Duterte's cabinet

Based upon the survey conducted by SWS, Mayor Rody Duterte got a trust rating of just 26% which is way below compared to the trust ratings of Vice President Leni Robredo who posted a remarkable trust ratings of 45%.

The SWS survey was conducted from May 1 to 3, roughly a week before the May 9 national polls, using face-to-face interviews with 4,500 respondents nationwide, and with a ±1-point sampling error margin.

Netizens questions the credibility of the survey conducted by the SWS because according to them nearly 20 million Filipinos supported the candidacy of the Davao City Mayor and there’s no way he could only get a 26% Trust Survey ratings, unless the agency conducted the survey in the areas who is against the administration of Duterte.

A Facebook user even made a very impressive comment by saying that the SWS Survey results released on Duterte’s Trust Rating is a very good strategy to diver the SOCE issue on Liberal Party which will endanger the winning candidates of the ruling Liberal Party.

What can you say about the results of the Latest SWS Survey Results on Trust Ratings? Just add your comments in the space provided below.


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