Aika Robredo Seeks Help from NBI Over Fake Videos Against Her Online

Aika Robredo Asks Help from NBI Against Fake Videos of Her Spreading Online

AIKA ROBREDO – The daughter of the presidential aspirant Vice President Leni Robredo is now asking for help from the National Bureau of Investigation (NBI) over the fake videos against her.

In a statement released by Robredo’s team, Aika expressed her official request for the NBI Cybercrime Division’s officer-in-charge, Atty. Michelle Valdez. This is to look into probable breaches of the law and criminal charges related to the circulation of a video that reportedly includes her.

Aika Robredo NBI

The fake videos spreading on multiple websites, according to Robredo’s team, mislead the public into believing Aika possessed obscene images and videos. They went on to say that the fake videos are intended to defame and disgrace Aika through harassment and abuse.

“The past few days have seen a sudden surge of uploads and posts in various blogs, porn sites, and social media platforms that mislead the public and give the impression that our client has videos or photos allegedly showing her in a scandalous pose or act,” the letter reads. 

It went on to say that using “Robredo” to entice others to click on the links exposes Aika to ridicule and puts her and her reputation in jeopardy. Robredo’s eldest daughter also wants to find out who is responsible for the propagation of the bogus videos so that she may pursue legal charges against them.

“Your good office has the necessary tools and equipment to identify the first post, the username(s) and/or accounts, the sites or links and the IP addresses, and the identity/ies of the perpetrator(s),” the letter also says.

The vice president’s daughter also wanted to let the attacks slip, but they refused to allow such crimes to continue because other people may be victims of the same culprits. The letter also included a preliminary list of links that the NBI may find valuable in its investigation and potential punishment of the individuals involved.

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