Ping Lacson Warns Voters vs “Magnanakaw, Incompetent” Candidates

Ping Lacson Warns Voters Against Choosing “Magnanakaw, Incompetent” Candidates

Presidential aspirant Senator Panfilo “Ping” Lacson has warned the public voters against candidates who are “magnanakaw and incompetent”.

During his recent visit to Mindoro Oriental, the independent presidential candidate warned against electing thieves, inept, or incoherent candidates. He went on to say that if they win, they will be a burden to the country because of their style of leadership.

Lacson Magnanakaw Candidates

If voters vote for the thief candidate, he or she will, according to him, plunder the country for 6 years – the term of government officials if elected. He went on to say that if they voted in a hypocritical and misleading manner, the country would be duped.

“Kung sakaling ang ating maboto ay magnanakaw, anim taon tayong pagnanakawan. Pag ang ating naboto mapagkunwari at mapaglinlang, anim taon tayong lolokohin. Pag ang ating naboot, kulang kulang sa pag-iisip, anim taon tayo palubog ng palubog,” said Lacson when they visited Mindoro Oriental.

He also emphasized the significance of the 67 million Filipino voters who cast ballots in the May 9 national and municipal elections. He said that the Filipino people had the authority to pick the country’s leader.

“Napakaimportante po isang araw yan para sa loob ng tatlo, anim na taon, tayo ang hari, tayo ang bida at tayo ang pipili sino mamuno sa ating bansa sa susunod na tatlo, anim taon,” he said.

Meanwhile, Senate President Vicente Sotto III, Lacson’s running partner, remained in Manila and signed 128 legislation. Senatorial candidate and former police chief Guillermo Lorenzo Eleazar, on the other hand, campaigned and conducted a debate with his supporters in Cavite, where he had previously visited in December 2021.

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