Alfred Vargas Exposes His Friends ‘Betrayal’ During 2022 Elections

Alfred Vargas Reveals ‘Betrayal’ From Friend During the 2022 Elections

The Quezon City Congressman Alfred Vargas revealed the betrayal he experienced from his friends during his candidacy on 2022 election.

In an interview, the actor-turned-politician shared his experiences of being betrayed by his closest friends, according to a story by the PEP. Alfred Vargas discussed his political path, particularly this year, and the challenges he faced.

Alfred Vargas Betrayal

When he made the decision to run for a local position, he said that he lost several of his friends. He pointed out that while losing some friends, he made more new ones.

Yes, may mga nabawas tayo na mga kaibigan. Some friends betrayed us during the last campaign. Some of them were unexpected at yun ang masakit. Pero mas nadagdagan tayo ng new friends,” the actor-politician revealed.

According to Alfred, their genuine friends continued to support him and his brother PM Vargas, who ran for the position he previously held. He claimed that what transpired was a blessing in disguise since it allowed them to identify their true friends.

He responded that genuine public service and love for the country still matter when asked what lesson he had taken away from the most recent election. He continued, “Money is a huge enemy during elections, but with the love flowing from the people and the sincerity I exhibited to them, I was able to win.”

Vargas represented the fifth district in Quezon City for nine years. He made the decision to run for councilor when his tenure was up. According to Alfred, there hasn’t really been much of an adjustment to his new role.

The only thing that changed was the scope, the politician-actor added. He emphasized, however, that serving the people is the one thing he will do for sure.

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