Approved Jeepney Fare Increase: Effective on Monday, October 8

Despite the ongoing rise in the prices of goods and the drivers’ need to provide for their families, the Land Transportation Franchising and Regulatory Board (LTFRB) has approved a temporary P1 fare increase for public utility jeepneys, both modern and traditional. This fare increase will take effect next week, on Monday, October 8.


This measure aims to assist drivers in earning additional income to sustain their needs and cope with the continuous increase in fuel and other essential commodity prices. Although this is only a temporary step, it will significantly help with their expenses.

This increase has been approved after a thorough analysis of necessary factors, such as the rising prices of petroleum and other essential commodities.


It’s important to note that this is just a temporary measure and may be adjusted as the economic situation of the country changes. Nevertheless, we hope that it will be beneficial for drivers to improve their quality of life and provide adequate income for their families.

To passengers, we encourage understanding and cooperation regarding this fare adjustment. At this time, a little help to the drivers can go a long way in supporting their livelihoods. Let’s not forget that this is part of our collective effort to maintain the state of public utility jeepneys in our country.

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Starting next week, the P1 fare increase for public utility jeepneys will be effective. Let’s continue to be vigilant and responsible in analyzing economic issues to find fair and effective solutions for everyone.

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