94 Dead, IS Claims 3 Car Blasts that Hit Baghdad.

3 Car Blasts in Baghdad Claimed by IS.

94 people were at least executed as three car blasted in Baghdad on Wednesday, the bloodiest day in the Iraqi capital this year including a huge blast at a market in a Shiite area.


In the midst of political crisis the government is locked in, the Islamic State group earlier claimed responsibility of all the outbreaks.

According to officials, the worst struck the frequently targeted Sadr City area of northern Baghdad at about 10 am.

Officials added that at least 64 people were discovered dead as the blast set nearby shops on fire.

Angry people, meanwhile, blamed the government for the carnages as dozens of them gathered at the blasted area.

An individual in the area, reportedly claimed that the politicians are behind the incident as the state is in a conflict over the government positions and that the people are becoming the victims.

Another local resident firmed that the states should be held responsible for the blasts that hit civilians echoing that politicians “should all get out.”

For Shiite cleric Moqtada al-Sadr, there should be a cabinet reshuffling and reforms. He spearheaded the protest movement while having a huge following in the working-class neighborhood of Sadr City which was named after his father.

Meanwhile, another car blast killed at least 17 people at the entrance to the northwestern neighborhood of Kadhimiya, a home to an important Shiite shrine.

Hospital sources reported that several members of the security forces were among the victims.

In the afternoon, another car blast hit in the Jamea district of Western Baghdad leaving at least 13 people dead.

According to the report from the officials and medics, there were at least 150 people more who were wounded in the three blasts.

As it was condemned by the UN, IS issued an online statement claiming they are responsibility for all the three blasts.

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