Bantayan Island Now Open For Tourists – Here Are The Details

Bantayan Island Now Open For Tourists After Several Months Of Quarantine

BANTAYAN ISLAND NOW OPEN – A place where culture and tradition meet in harmony with nature in all of its beauty, Bantayan island has reopened its doors for tourists.

The island is known for its gorgeous white sand beaches, was now open to visitors from the province of Cebu. Bantayan, around 145 kilometers northwest of Cebu, is a tiny island that has become the seventh most visited destination in the country.

Bantayan Island Now Open For Tourists – Here Are The Details
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Cebu’s Governor, Gwendolyn Garcia, initiated the reopening of Bantayan last Oct. 17. This was seven months after it was closed to tourists due to the coronavirus pandemic. According to an article from Inquirer, she said:

I was the first one who placed strict protocols and border controls. I am also the first one who said that this is too much. This is enough. Because lives cannot continue without a livelihood. Millions of others are affected because our economy is now comatose

Furthermore, Garcia emphasized that everyone may visit Cebu’s tourists destinations given that they present the required documents. This include a confirmed tour site booking and a two-way travel ticket.

As per the report, Garcia noted that she needed to fight to get Cebu’s economy back on its feet. She continued and shared how she lost her two brothers.

“Even though I lost two brothers, I stand here to tell you now, it is the economy that we must focus on. Live with COVID-19 as we have lived with other diseases“.

Back in August, both of the governors’ brothers tested positive for the new coronavirus, COVID-19.

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