Lola’s 90-Year-Old Photoshoot Leaves Netizens In Awe

Lola’s 90-Year-Old Photoshoot Wows Netizens

WITH AGE, COMES BEAUTY – A Lola’s 90-Year-Old photoshoot for her birthday went viral on social media, redefining perceptions of beauty.

According to an article from CDN, the 90-year-old Lola was known as Aquilina S. Cabahug. Despite her age, Cabahug showed that beauty does come with age.

Lola's 90-Year-Old Photoshoot Leaves Netizens In Awe

The photographer, Michael Chan said that this was the first time Cabahug did any modeling. “She’s so happy to have experienced this in her lifetime”, he added.

Lola's 90-Year-Old Photoshoot Leaves Netizens In Awe

Although this was her first-ever photoshoot, Cabahug still looked like a seasoned veteran when it comes to modeling or what she calls “shooting-shooting”. Furthermore, at the age of 90, she still keeps a genuine smile that could melt the hearts of the masses.

Along with her age, Cabahug carried with her a serene grace that was perfectly encapsulated in the photos Chan took. Here are some of the shots uploaded by CDN:

According to CDN, the photos were taken for Cabahug’s 90th birthday celebration. Along with this, the pre-birthday photoshoot was taken last October 19. Moreover, Cabahug was said to be from Tayud, Liloan, in northern Cebu.

Surely, wisdom isn’t the only thing that comes with age. With this in mind, we could always take a lesson from these photos about how a genuine smile can encapsulate beauty in its purest form.

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