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#BAR2017: Hopeful Bar Takers Express Thoughts On Social Media

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November 2017 bar takers expressed their thoughts on social media as they await for the announcement of the result of #BAR2017.

Several hopeful bar takers expressed their thoughts on social media as the announcement of #BAR2017 passers is nearing.

On April 26, 2018, Justice Lucas P. Bersamin will announce the result at the Supreme Court Quadrangle on or before 1:15pm.

Bar Takers expressed on social media their thoughts about #BAR2017
(CNN Philippines)

Through the hashtag for the bar exam taken last November 2017, law students who are hopeful to be called attorney soon shared how they feel as they await for the moment of truth.

There are several bar takers who shared on Twitter that they hope they will sleep as a lawyer this night.

Several hopeful lawyers just lift up the result to the Almighty as they did their best during the exams.

Some netizens as early as now had expressed congratulatory messages to all bar takers, regardless if they will pass or not.

Before the official announcement is released, there were netizens who already said that that only 25.5% of the aspiring lawyers passed last year’s bar exam.


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