Thursday, March 30, 2023

Kris Aquino Fires Back To Basher Posing As Loisa Andalio

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This is how Kris Aquino answered a basher posing as Loisa Andalio

Queen of all Media Kris Aquino slammed a basher who pretended to be Kapamilya actress Loisa Andalio.

Kris went through another controversy when she voiced out on social media her sentiments regarding her former husband and the father of her son Bimby, James Yap.

Kris Aquino
(@markedchest IG)

It was followed by her rant against Korina Sanchez for Rated K’s positive feature about the basketball player and his new family.

Due to that, the social media influencer received negative comments from netizens and some bashed her for that.

One of the bashers was an Instagram account under the name ‘Loisa Andalio’ but the poser’s user name used a playful @iamandolioloisa from what the real account of the Kapamilya actress has, which is @iamandalioloisa.

Based on the photo which Kris shared, the basher asked her “when was the last time you had a psychiatric check?” and she slammed this gracefully.

Kris said in her reply that she made it a policy not to bully children because she thinks the basher is younger that her oldest son Josh.

“You will mature and experience life, then let’s have a sensible conversation,” the Queen of all Media said.

Loisa Andalio poser bashed Kris Aquino
( screen shot from @krisaquino IG)


According to Kris, she shared that certain post because she wants social media users to be aware of fake accounts and those who are stealing the identity of other people.

She added that the basher even commented to her “your insane” and Kris slammed it for the basher does not the difference between “YOU’RE and YOUR”.

The social media influencer also despised that the basher stole the identity of the Kapamilya star and for that she is now following the real Loisa Andalio.



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