Friday, December 9, 2022

Netizens Slam TV Patrol for Focusing More on Barretto Clan

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Netizens slammed TV Patrol, an ABS-CBN news program, for having longer airtime on the Barretto Clan fights for days. Many shared their feedback online.

The conflict between the Barrettos went viral even more on social media platforms after TV Patrol interviewed Marjorie. It all started during the wake of Miguel Alvir Barretto, the father of the Barrettos.

“Jeers to TV Patrol for airing a showbiz interview that took up almost a third of its one-hour newscast on October 22, effectively sidelining the key events and issues of the day,” as posted by Center for Media Freedom & Responsibility (CMFR) on its Twitter account.

So the Barretto Sisters’ issue is that newsworthy that they dedicated more than five minutes on TV Patrol for that? Ok. [Werq],” as posted by @dyjoice on her account.

Communities are being displaced. Farmers are getting killed. The building of a dam bound to ruin ecosystems is greenlit. The world is burning, but hey, let’s give a notorious gambling operator more airtime for being involved in a family feud that’s irrelevant to our survival,” as posted by Juan Miguel Severo.

The interview with Marjorie alone aired for 18 minutes; while the interview with a businessman Atong Ang took more than 12 minutes to air on the said show.

Even Severo wanted to bring The Buzz, a former talk show from ABS-CBN, back in order “to give our news program more time for actual news.

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