Sunday, February 5, 2023
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Netizens Slam TV Patrol for Focusing More on Barretto Clan

Netizens slammed TV Patrol, an ABS-CBN news program, for having longer airtime on the Barretto Clan fights for days. Many shared their feedback online. The...

First Female-Owned Airline Is South African

First Female-Owned Airline. Who is a South African, goes Inernational First Female-Owned Airline by a South African wows the whole flying industry and serves a...

Most Expensive Object On Earth

Most Expensive Object on Earth is being built in Britain right now. Most Expensive Object on the entire planet is yet to come, and it...

World: Highest Cheerleading Basket Toss

Watch: These Guys Achieved the Highest Cheerleading Basket Toss - Incredible! It is really nice to see great cheering squad during some basketball games, these...

World Record: Most Hand Stand Push Ups

Watch: Manvel Mamoyan Achieves The Most Hand Stand Push Ups in One Minute with the record of 27! Insane.. It is really nice to see...

Furious Pete Eats Pizza In 32.28 Seconds

Guinness: Furious Pete Eats 12 Inch Italian Pizza in Just 32.28 Seconds Do you love eating Pizza? What's your favorite flavor? Pepperoni? Cheese? Hawaiian? Many...

Helicopter Crashes With 13 On Board

Helicopter crashes off the Norwegian Coast With 13 People On Board Helicopter has crashed in West of Bergen City, Norway early this day. There were 13...