‘Better disappear’- President-elect Rodrigo Duterte To Mediamen

‘Better disappear’- President-elect Duterte To Media

‘Mas mabuting mawala kayo. Hindi ko kayo kailangan!’– the answer of President-elect Duterte in the call of international media to boycott his media coverage until he asked for an apology to the statement that the journalists were k1lled because of being corrupt and bias.

In the press conference yesterday in Davao City, Duterte said explicitly that he do not need the international media coverage so there’s no problem if the media will boycott him.

President-elect Duterte

“I do not want publicity, you know that. It would be good if you disappear… Mag-boycott na kayo. As a matter of fact, make this trip your last in Davao City. I do not care if there is nobody covering me,” Duterte said bravely.

In the report of philstar, Duterte challenged the mediamen to ‘shut off’ the journalism in the Philippines. He said, the reporters and TV Networks shouldn’t go to Davao City to cover him if the mediamen wants to follow the call of the international media group, Reporters Without Borders or RWB to boycott him.

“Huwag kayong pumunta. Make it a first in the history of this Republic. Do not cover me… PTV-4 nalang kayo makinig. I am asking you guys do not ever ever come back. I am telling the networks. Do not come here. I do not need you. I will just go around and tell the people that this is the program of government and you would know it,” Duterte emphasized in front of mediamen.

Earlier, the RWB called in the Philippine media to boycott the coverage of Duterte until he demanded a public apology.

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  1. Those media people that were there in Davao..they were there with a different reasons!!Pumupunta lang sila dun para makasagap or makapagcompile ng negative words na lalabas sa bibig ni Mayor!!!!regarding sa issue ng journalist killings!.If you happened to watched that video interview ..its crystal clear that the Mayor was responding to the questions asked!!but then again anong ginawa ng media..they twisted and chop chop the Mayors statements!!tapos pinalabas pa sa newspapers na si Mayor Digong ay encouraging for the issue ng journalist killing???what an unprofessional printout!!irresponsible journalism!!.The media now are the demolition machines who are in the frontlines for black ops against the incoming President Duterte!!supported and backed by some corrupt politicians in this country who are about to lose their grip in power!!!Shame on them!!!


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