VIRAL Photo: Is CD-R Queen The Spouse Of CD-R King?

Is CD-R Queen The Spouse Of CD-R King?

A viral photo of a store called CD-R Queen now circles social media and brought smiles and laughter to some people as it is dubbed as the spouse of the famous electronics store CD-R King.

cd-r queen

In a photo shared on Facebook by Widget City Hub, it shows a store wherein it is called CD-R Queen. There is a well-known electronics store in the Philippines called CD-R King which can be found in almost all malls and cities.

The exact location of the store was still not clarified.

In the description of the photo, it says, “And there goes his wife ?”. This pertains to the existence of the “King” and now the “Queen”.

One comment by a Facebook user even congratulated CD-R King because finally he has a “Queen”.

“Congratulations to cd-r may queen ka na”

Another one asked if “where the “Prince” and “Princesses” are.

Indeed, there are so many photos that really goes viral. There are also people who just great popularity by just posting their photo doing something like “Pastillas Girl”, “Yakult Girl”, “Paloma Girl Version”, “Ice Cream man”, “Carrot Man”, and more.

Just like this photo of “CD-R Queen”, it is expected to become popular on this coming days.

Social media has a really great effect on almost everything that is posted it the platform. Also, there are the discussions, comments, and reactions of people on different subjects.

Photos easily catch the attention of people that’s why gaining popularity through photos posted in social media.

What do you think of this “CD-R Queen”?

Is it really the spouse of CD-R King?

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