Bubonic Plague In China: Beijing Orders Second Lockdown

Bubonic Plague Spread In China Causes Beijing To Order Second Lockdown

BUBONIC PLAGUE IN CHINA – Amid the coronavirus pandemic, health authorities in China warned of a possible human-to-human spread of the bubonic plague.

Recently, health authorities have sealed off the Suji Xincun village in Inner Mongolia after a resident died due to the bubonic plague. Two days later, a second lockdown was enforced following the death of a man in the city of Bayannur.

According to a report from Express UK, the man died due to multiple organ failure caused by the bubonic plague, the same disease that spread the Black Death. Authorities conducted an investigation and traced the man’s movements back to his village and sealed it off.

Bubonic Plague In China: Beijing Orders Second Lockdown
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This would be the second village to be placed under lockdown in the past few weeks because of the bubonic plague. As per the report, local officials in Bayannur stated:

The place of residence of the deceased is locked down, and a comprehensive epidemiological investigation is being carried out.

More concerning is that authorities also warned that there was “currently a risk of the human plague spreading in our city“. Last Thursday, another individual from the city of Baotou, a neighboring city of Bayannur also died due to the disease.

Furthermore, Chinese authorities explained that the reason for the strict lockdown was the high mortality rate of the disease. Compared to COVID-19’s global average of a 2-3% death rate, the bubonic plague has a fatality ratio of 30-100% if left untreated.

Aside from this, some areas of China have also seen re-emerging cases of a tick borne disease that had caused several deaths in the past weeks.

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