China-Philippines Joint Plan Over Illegal Drugs Trade In The Country


China-Philippines Joint Plan Over Illegal Drugs Trade

China-Philippines Joint Plan – China recently stated that it is ready to cooperate with the Duterte administrations in fighting against illegal drugs and other crimes related to drugs, will join to make a joint working plan.

In a report by Manila Bulletin, Chinese Foreign Minister issued the declaration after Foreign Affairs Secretary Perfecto Yasay Jr. called on the Chines diplomat in Manila to discuss the alleged involvement of Chinese nationals in the drug trade.

“Drug is the enemy of all mankind. It is the shared responsibility of all countries to fight against drug-related crimes, said Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesman Lu Kang as quoted in the report.

China-Philippines Joint Plan

Lu said that the Chinese government is a “staunch force” in the campaign against drug-related crimes internationally.

“Our resolve is firm, policy clear, and achievement remarkable,” he said.

“The Chinese government has long been conducting anti-drug cooperation with the international community,” Lu added.

The report added that the Chinese Embassy in Manila has corresponded to China’s intention to have a talk over counter-narcotics strategy and actions together with the Duterte administration. The talk also would aim to create a partnership based on equality and the benefit of the countries.

According to the spokesperson of the Chinese Embassy, Lingxiao Li, China is willing to create a specific plan of action together with the Philippines government on the war on drugs.

Yasay also called on Chinese Ambassador to the Philippines Zhao Jianhua to clarify why most of the drug lords in the Philippines are Chinese Nationals.

In earlier reports, Philippine National Police Director General Ronald “Bato” dela Rosa already claimed that almost all illegal drugs in the country, came from China, may it be finished products or raw materials.

What do you think of CHina’s willingness to help the Philippines in its war on drugs?


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