Tuesday, February 7, 2023

Enrile Questions Mike Defensor After Spotted at MMDA Event

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Enrile Calls Out Mike Defensor for Attending an Official MMDA Event

Juan Ponce Enrile questioned former mayoral candidate Mike Defensor after being spotted attending an official event of the Metropolitan Manila Development Authority.

The Chief Presidential Legal Counsel stated on Facebook that Defensor had been spotted attending an MMDA-sponsored event. Despite the fact that Defensor was unrelated to the aforementioned office, he asked Defensor on his post what he was doing at the MMDA event.

Enrile Defensor

Enrile questioned whether Defensor had been employed by the MMDA as a consultant or adviser given that candidates in the previous election are subject to a one-year prohibition before re-entering any position in the government. Enrile also questions if Defensor is classified by the MMDA as a “factotum” or “utusan.”

“He was a candidate and loser in the last election, wasn’t he? What was he in that picture? The boss of MMDA? Is that now a proper decorum in our current political world?” Enrile said.

Former officials should exercise caution since the public is watching, Enrile cautioned. Enrile highlighted that it is his responsibility as the President’s attorney to defend PBBM from those who attempt to profit from his good nature.

Enrile issued a warning that if such actions persisted, he would respond appropriately; nevertheless, if the President had granted his approval, he would obey the directive. In response to the Chief Presidential Legal Counsel’s remark, Defender has not yet made any statements. Recall that Defensor ran for mayor of Quezon City in the previous election but lost to Joy Belmonte, who was already the mayor of the city.

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