Friday, March 31, 2023

Ivana Alawi Give Away Grocery, P1.2M Cash to Poor Communities

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Ivana Alawi Give Away Grocery Bags, Cash to Poor Communities in Manila

Actress and famous vlogger Ivana Alawi has given away 8,000 grocery bags and P1.2 million cash to poor communities in Manila.

The vlogger-actress gave away more than 8,000 grocery bags, champorado, and P1.2 million in cash to several underprivileged neighborhoods in Metro Manila in her most recent vlog on her YouTube account. Ivana Alawi receives this as a thank you for reaching the 15 million subscriber mark on YouTube.

Ivana Alawi Poor Communities

Ivana described in her vlog the preparations made by her family and staff, including repacking food bags and making champorado. Rice, soap, some canned foods, and noodles are all packed into grocery bags.

The tiny offering was made by Ivana’s family, which included included her mother Marbella and her siblings Mona, Hashim, and Amira, by hand. Ivana was the first to present the gift to a town on the edge of the railroad in the third and last distribution of goods.

The recipients of gifts and P200 cash were all smiles, and Ivana was game to pose for photos with the select few who waited up to get her thank-you gift. Ivana concluded by expressing her gratitude to her devoted viewers who keep watching her vlogs.

The actress also thanked her sister Mona for persuading her to pursue a career on YouTube. Ivana’s vlog came to a close with a quick meal with Mona and her mother Fatima, who also complimented her daughter for having 15 million subscribers.

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