Manila Times Columnist Claims Globe, Smart Telecom Are Funding CPP-NPA

Globe and Smart Telecom are allegedly funding the rebel group CPP-NPA

Manila Times columnist Rigoberto Tiglao claims that Globe and Smart telecommunication companies, two of the biggest in the country, are funding the Communist Party of the Philippines-New People’s Army (CPP-NPA).

Tiglao wrote this revelation on his article published on January 12, 2018, accusing the aforementioned telecoms of this act against the law.

The columnist said that his source told him that in order to obtain safety for their 20,000 telecom towers all over the country, these two companies are giving money to the said armed group because allegedly the authorities cannot do it, based on the article in Pinoy Trending.

Globe Logo/Smart Logo/CPP-NPA
Globe Logo/Smart Logo/CPP-NPA

It was also said in the article of Tiglao that the incidents pointing to the rebel group attacking some cell sites are due to this agreement between them.

In addition, the columnist said that the realization that the telecommunication companies pay a lesser prize than hiring the highly armed security guards who just easily succumb to the terrorists, resulted to this kind of option.

According to the source of Tiglao, there are even incidents that the members of the NPA do not need to fight against the private guards.

“The NPA simply tells them they will attack the site, and the security guards abandon their posts. Why shouldn’t they?” the Manila Times columnist said.

The amount of 3 million pesos is allegedly given to the terrorist and the bigger part of it goes directly to the communist leaders and that includes Joma Sison who is still on exile in the Netherlands.

Based on the article, the columnist’s source said that Globe and Smart telecom are paying 500,000 pesos for the newly established cell sites while they pay 50,000-200,000 as a yearly tax per site.

Rigoberto Tiglao added that a military source stated that an alliance between the telecommunication companies in the Philippines and the rebel group was already formed.

It was also said that CPP-NPA are relying to the strong cell signals from the sites, aside from the alleged citing that the leaders of the rebel group are using the latest Apple laptops for their communication.

(Photo source: ipay88, PLDT, Bulatlat)

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