Famous Hunk Actor Demanding TV Network Boss To Pay Debt To Him

This famous hunk actor is demanding the boss of a TV network to fulfill the promised projects for him

Who is this famous  hunk actor who allegedly demanding the boss of a TV network in the country to pay a debt to him?

It was said that one of the birthday wishes of the said hunk actor is that he will going to have the things which the network promised to him previously.

famous hunk actor

The said promise includes good television projects, however, it seems that it just remained a promise until now.

According to the article of Bandera entertainment columnist Albert Nabus, the famous hunk actor has been inactive in the show business for almost two years now and he has no regular show or TV appearances.

The hunk actor-dancer that the columnist was talking about is a product of a reality search on the Philippine television.

It was also said that his previous projects went well and it had remarkable results that is why it is a question that he was not given any project right now.

Another point that is quite unfavorable for the famous hunk actor is that despite of what he has achieved in the past on his previous projects, it seems that the spotlight is being grabbed away from him.

Allegedly, the projects that could have been given to him or should be intended for him were already given to the new male stars in the TV network.

In line with this predicament from the famous hunk actor, reportedly, during his birthday celebration he spoke in front of the boss of the television station to fulfill the promised projects for him.

According to Nabus, the said actor-dancer who has already shaved his head for several times due to the scarcity of work for him, in some point, deserves to have a big break in the showbiz industry, based on the article.

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