JUST IN: Pacquiao Vs McGregor Confirmed Says Pacman Office Confirms

Pacquiao Vs McGregor Confirmed, Proceeds To Go To Charity

JUST IN: PACQUIAO VS MCGREGOR CONFIRMED – The long-awaited fight between Manny Pacquiao and Connor McGregor has finally been confirmed.

Previously, there were rumors regarding the fight between the controversial UFC champion and Pacman. However, no concrete details were revealed. But recently, Pacman signed with the same management firm that handled McGregor.

With this, new rumors of a possible fight between the men resurfaced. However, this time, the fight became more likely as Pacman and McGregor started to exchange Tweets hinting at a possible match.

JUST IN: Pacquiao Vs McGregor Confirmed Says Pacman Office Confirms

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Back in February, McGregor was offered a match with the fighting Senator but said it wasn’t the time yet. Apparently, after 7 months and a pandemic, McGregor and Pacman are finally set for one of the most anticipated matches in fighting sports history.

Speaking of the pandemic, a report from CNN confirmed that a huge portion of the Senator’s earnings would be used to help the Philippines’ response to COVID-19.

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