JUST IN: PhilHealth President Resigns Following Duterte Advice

PhilHealth President Ricardo Morales Resigns

PHILHEALTH PRESIDENT RESIGNS – Amid the probe into the alleged corruption within the state-run health insurance firm, PhilHealth, its President, Ricardo Morales resigned.

Previously, Morales merely submitted a request to take a leave of absence due to his medical condition. This was followed by a similar request from other high ranking members of PhilHealth.

JUST IN: PhilHealth President Resigns Following Duterte Advice

Afterward, President Rodrigo Duterte advised Morales to take step down from his post because of his medical condition. A day after, an ABS-CBN report said PhilHealth’s President took Duterte’s advice and submitted his resignation.

Meanwhile, the probe on PhilHealth’s alleged anomalies continues to heat up. Yesterday, Senator Dick Gordon presented a video showing a Regional Vice President of the insurance firm receiving a lap dance for his birthday while inside his office.

As such, the Senator dubbed the incident as the PhilHealth “office nightclub”.

On his birthday, Perez received a gift, an enormous box, in his office. A girl, dressed in nothing but her underwear, danced and gyrated provocatively in front of Perez..

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