Legarda to Lose Rank in Air Force Reserve for Supporting NPA

Senator Legarda May Lose Rank in PH Air Force Reserve Over Support to NPA

LOREN LEGARDA – The Senator may lose rank in the Philippine Air Force Reserve for allegedly supporting New Peoples Army (NPA).

Senator Loren Legarda’s removal from the Philippine Air Force Reserve rank, in the opinion of Senator Ronald “Bato” Dela Rosa, is possible. Legarda argued that there is no justification for the administration to label the CPP-NPA-NDF an adversary of the state.

“I do not recall what law or what pronouncement of government has declared the Communist Party of the Philippines or similar organizations, movements, beliefs, or associations could be declared as enemies of the state. It’s so hard to identify that,” said Legarda.

Legarda NPA

The senator emphasized that she worked with the so-called “left” of this country and that she was inspired by many of them who held the same goals for our nation. Legarda added that cooperating with them is not wrong, based on the report of Inquirer.

Dela Rosa warned that her allegiance to the nation will be called into question. He also concurs that Legarda must decide if she is a supporter of the administration or an adversary of the state, particularly in light of the fact that she is a senator and reserve officer.

He went on to say that your personality is suspect if you express sympathy for the state’s opponents there. Regarding Legarda’s declaration of support for the pro-government organization, the AFP has not yet made any remarks.

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