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Man Cycled Bukidnon to Manila for 59 Days to Ask Help from Tulfo

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Man Cycled for 59 Days Going Manila to Ask Some Help from Raffy Tulfo

A young man has cycled for 59 days from Bukidnon to Manila to asked for help from the program of Senator Raffy Tulfo ‘Raffy Tulfo in Action.’

In order to find assistance for his grandma, a teenager rode his bicycle from Bukidnon to Manila over the course of two months. After cycling for 59 days to bring his grandmother’s condition to Senator Tulfo’s program, Niel Jay Matunding touches netizens’ hearts.

Man Cycled 59 Days

On August 5, an episode of Raffy Tulfo in Action featured the young man meeting the senator. Niel discussed his 86-year-old grandma Leonie’s health during this episode.

His grandma, who relies on begging to get by, was his sole company. He claimed that although the youngster found it difficult, he was determined to go in order to support his Grandma.

Beginning in June, Niel traveled from Surigao to Liloan over the San Juanico Bridge connecting Leyte and Samar. The young man then traveled through Allen Northern Samar till he arrived in Matnog and Bicol.

Niel resumed his journey from Lupi Camarines Sur to Calamba Laguna until he arrived in Manila. Niel struggled to make it through as he was being mistaken for a rebel.

Niel also revealed that he had the experience of being welcomed on the road and supported by persons with good intentions with the aid of other bikers, some troops, and the police.

Niel was able to travel the nearly two-month distance from Mindanao to Manila for P700. Tulfo, who vowed to assist the grandmother, was also moved. In addition, the senator assured Niel and Lola Leonie that they would be offered employment that would be beneficial to them over the long term.

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