Jovelyn Galleno Sister Slams Netizens Using Her Case to Earn

Sister of Jovelyn Galleno Airs Dismay to Netizens Using Her Case for Content

The sister of missing graduating student Jovelyn Galleno appeals to content creators to stop using her sister’s case to earn money.

Jocelyn Galleno, Jovelyn Galleno’s sister, broke down in tears because she believes that certain people are still profiting from her sister. Jocelyn begged content producers in her interview to stop profiting off the death of her sister.

“Nawawala na nga ang ate ko, pagkakakitaan pa nila kami,” Jocelyn dismayed.

“Personally, kailangan din namin ng pera pero hindi namin ginawang content, hindi namin pinagkakitaan ‘yung pagkawala ng ate ko. Kaya sana tigilan na po kasi para sa amin ang sakit sakit,” she added.

Jovelyn Galleno Sister

They are stung even more by the suspicions that they are merely concealing Jovelyn and that they have been seeing her for a while but have been lying about it. They claim that if they see Jovelyn, they won’t hide from the public.

“Kaya sana tigilan na po kasi para sa amin ang sakit sakit,” said Jocelyn.

It may be recalled that some social media content producers leveraged Jovelyn’s passing to get more followers. Authorities haven’t seen Jovelyn yet, and online users are already concerned about whether he’s still alive.

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