MTRCB has Denied the Motions for Reconsideration Submitted by “It’s Showtime”

Previously, the MTRCB issued a directive to temporarily halt the airing of the show for twelve days due to complaints that its hosts allegedly displayed unequal behavior in a segment called “Isip Bata.”

The MTRCB imposed this penalty in response to complaints from some viewers who were concerned about what they perceived as inappropriate actions by the hosts. According to some reports, the hosts exhibited undesirable behavior that could potentially influence young viewers negatively.

Ion Perez Vice Ganda

Despite this, the management of “It’s Showtime” declared that their program had no intention of causing harm or featuring any inappropriate content. The program’s hosts also promptly issued a statement apologizing to viewers who were dismayed or offended by any aspect of their show.

It's Showtime Suspension

In the latest review by the MTRCB, the appeals were not granted, and the suspension of “It’s Showtime” continued. Despite concerns from the show’s fans, this decision serves as a warning to television programs to adhere to regulations and guidelines for their content in order to maintain the quality and appropriateness of the programs presented to viewers.

It's Showtime Motion Denied

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